Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Christmas at Cyclechic!

Firstly a disclaimer. I adore Cyclechic. This website started me out on the path to realising that cycling can be stylish and if I were to have a wish-list of cycling products, you can bet your boots most of them would come from there.

Unfortunately I can't claim to be as inherently stylish as the team who founded the site, and despite my best efforts I'm still more often than not found wearing a disastrous combination of leggings, shorts and football socks to commute to work in - but I consider myself a work in progress.

So, I got sent a cute Christmas card the other day and in it was Cyclechic's Christmas gift guide. I cannot encourage you enough to check the site out. Top of my list of things I want want want are:

This awesome Bern hard hat with winter knit. Cute, stylish and warm. I'll be begging Santa for one of these, in pink, naturally.

These Knog Love 'n' Hate gloves. Actually, I already have them, but I love them so much I want two pairs!

This Po Campi rack bag. Just inspired. Would look perfect on the back of my pink Pashley Poppy.

Ah, a girl can dream. But it's great that there are sites like Cyclechic out there, digging out the best and most fabulous cycling products for women. Walk into a bike shop and the most elegant item you'll see is a hot-pink Lycra jersey. At least, with sites like Cyclechic and the like, we ladies have options.

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