Monday, 21 December 2009

Profile of a London cyclist: The Basket Babe

There is only one cyclist slower than the Not-So-Cool Commuter and that's the Basket Babe. Not that it matters, as nothing actually starts until Basket Babe arrives anyway - she's that kind of girl.
Basket Babe breezes through town on her vintage shopper, the basket on the front loaded down with her handbag, a bit of shopping and possibly a bunch of flowers. She usually favours floaty dresses or cute cropped jeans, sandals and chiffon tops. Her choice of attire means once the weather gets a bit parky Basket Babe tends to put her bike away for the winter - and who can blame her? The braver Basket Babes may foray out in belted trench-coats and soft cashmere gloves.

Like most of her cycling sisters, Basket Babe never does anything as unladylike as break a sweat. She is always bright, breezy and cool as a cucumber, even if the weather is hotter than the Sahara, and her perfectly-applied natural-looking makeup never runs.

Effortlessly stylish and endlessly chic, the Basket Babe is the poster-girl for fashion-conscious female cyclists. Her bike is as much an accessory as her handbag or shoes and she treats it with great care, lovingly wiping it down after each use. She's unlikely to get her hands dirty if she gets a puncture or her chain comes off, but there's never any shortage of eager young men to help her out.

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