Thursday, 10 December 2009

Profile of a London cyclist: The Fixie

Miss Fixie is as skinny, trendy and hip as her customised fixed-gear bicycle. As befits someone who laughs in the face of comforts such as brakes and gears, she is unlikely to be found sporting hi-vis and a helmet. Instead, Miss Fixie wears skinny jeans, often very low-slung at the back and teamed with brightly coloured girl-boxers, and slim-fit tees. She cycles in Converse or ballet flats and seems completely impervious to the elements. That said, if it's sub-zero outside, she might throw on a lightweight black jacket and a beanie.

Typically weighing in at approximately six stone and a size 6, Miss Fixie nonetheless packs a speedy punch. She flits through traffic effortlessly and retains an aura of distant cool even in the face of the most terrifying HGV. Like The Cool Commuter, Miss Fixie has never been known to break an actual sweat, even though she is capable of travelling at the speed of light.

A skilled cyclist, Miss Fixie's one concession to traditional road safety is a tiny flashing red rear light, which she often wears on the back of her t-shirt or on the strap of her messenger bag, to avoid weighing down her lightweight bicycle.

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