Thursday, 10 December 2009

Profile of a London Cyclist: The Cool Commuter

Anyone who cycles regularly will be aware there are different types of cyclist. We're going to take a tongue-in-cheek look at each type, see if you recognise yourself!

The Cool Commuter

Impeccably dressed for work and with perfect hair and makeup, the Cool Commuter breezes in to work atop her hybrid bike with apparent ease. She doesn't let the fact she's dressed in work attire and six inch heels hold her back, and she frequently overtakes Lycra-ed Ladies and Not-So-Cool Commuters. Despite the fact she cycles at about 50mph, she never breaks a sweat and arrives at work glossy, flawless and without a hair out of place.

You'll never find the Cool Commuter carrying a rucksack. Her handbag is either slung over her handlebars or on the rack on the back of her bike. You'll also never find her in high-vis or waterproofs yet if she is caught out in a shower, she somehow doesn't ever seem to get wet and her hair doesn't frizz into a soggy mess.

The rest of the cycling sisterhood doesn't know what to make of the Cool Commuter. How can someone in heels and a pencil skirt cycle so fast? How can she balance with that Prada handbag slung over her handlebars? And most importantly, how can she possibly maintain her immaculate appearance in the face of all the British weather has to throw at her?

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