Friday, 11 December 2009

Profile of a London cyclist: The Lycra-ed Lady

See that blur on the horizon? That's the Lycra-ed Lady. This hardcore roadie is the ultimate in cycling technology. Her Dawes road bike is so light you could lift it with your little finger, and she is dressed head to foot in the latest, most advanced gear. Her base layer (Lycra-ed Ladies never wear 'tops', they wear 'base layers') is designed to wick sweat away from the skin and keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, and her cycling shorts are ultra-padded for maximum comfort and performance.

Lycra-ed Lady's bike is geared up with a speedometer that tells her how far she's travelled, how fast, and how many calories she's burned. She frequents bike shops where she purchases things with names like 'wet lube' and 'performance gel', and her rucksack or pannier is full of puncture repair gear, spare inner tubes, a copy of the Highway Code, a lightweight waterproof hi-vis jacket and various complicated looking levers and multi-tools.

A passionate and dedicated cyclist, Lycra-ed Lady does things by the book. She stops at red traffic lights, assumes primary position wherever possible, and is quick to point out to other road users that she had right of way. Lycra-ed Lady is a forceful lobbyist for cycling rights and reads up on the latest developments and technology around cycling. She's a super-fast cyclist who always wants to beat her personal best, however the number of punctures her wafer-thin tyres pick up mean she's often found at the side of the road, fixing the latest hole secure in the knowledge she still has plenty of time to get to her destination.

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