Monday, 21 December 2009

If you go down to Sports Direct today....

One of the most persistent bugbears for female cyclists is the lack of practical, ladylike cycling clothing available out there. Until recently you'd be hard-pushed to see anything more feminine than a pair of black 'unisex' cycling shorts on the shelves of a bike or sports shop.

However budget sportswear chain SportsDirect appears to have woken up a little. I won't go as far as to say its shelves are heaving with pretty panniers and ladylike accessories but my local branch does now have a cycling section. More excitingly, this cycling section includes clothes for women. Cycling tights, tops, t-shirts and jerseys are all available in ladies sizes and some are even available in colours that are not black!

Admittedly the range is limited to pink, baby blue and black, but it's a start. These tights are ideal for winter cycling, and the zip-up pink top has a handy pocket at the back for carrying bits and bobs. Best of all none of the products will break the bank.

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