Friday, 11 December 2009

Winter cycling - get gloved

Although proper 'cycling gloves' may be terribly functional and practical, let's face it, they don't really look that nice. And most of them won't keep your arms warm. When cycling in winter, a thick hoodie or jumper may be a bit much and get you too sweaty, but the problem remains - how to keep arms cosy?
I'm currently loving these gorgeous long gloves from Accessorize, particularly the stripy ones. They're absolutely adorable, and will keep your arms toasty-warm. I also love the little mittens although you may want to flip these off when you're on a bike or wear them over regular cycling gloves.

I'm also loving these cable-knit ones, again from Accessorize. There's something about a chunky-knit, I just can't resist them. These have no fingers so are again best worn over cycling gloves - chic and practical, who could ask for more?

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