Wednesday, 9 December 2009

New London cycling mag

In between whacking on lippy whilst on my bike, I've been thinking for a while that we need a proper cycling magazine. If you're female, there's not much available in the shops - cycling magazines are unashamedly aimed at men and tend to feature Lycra-clad daredevils on the front cover. Not much to relate to if your cycling is limited to a potter to the shops or a trip in to work and the odd sponsored ride.

Now along comes Cycle Lifestyle, a new, free magazine for London cyclists. Billed as a magazine 'for every Londoner who is looking for an exciting and cool way to get around', it certainly looks the business and is printed on quality paper with an expensive feel. Better still, the front cover trails 'Romantic cycling' and 'Cycling fashion', both of which tick my personal boxes.

There are also first-person accounts from London cyclists and first-time commuters. But surprise, surprise, they are all men. There is one feature written by a woman - on 'cycling fashion', and it's about cycling tights - and one female case study.

When I contacted the editor, he admitted he had worried the magazine may be too 'blokey'. Unfortunately he's right. I like what he has done with the magazine and it looks like one to watch, but on the face of it this magazine isn't going to plug the need for accessible, friendly and encouraging advice for female cyclists.

That said, a lot of the content is practical and is not overtly laddish. It's a nice enough read and there are some spot on tips and suggestions, not least a guest piece of editorial from Sustrans and tips on safe cycling. All in all, for a new launch it looks slick, professional, fairly arty and reassuringly full of 'normal' people as opposed to angry tiny-bottomed men in Lycra. I'll be interested to see the second issue. In fact, I hope I'll be contributing to it!

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